Fiamma Scarlatta.

The only made in Italy fresh pizza that you can keep in the fridge and prepare whenever you want.

Fiamma Scarlatta is born from the experience and dedication of the Spizzi family. It’s a handmade
process based on stone-ground flours, over 24 hours of rising, only selected ingredients from
Italian producers, zero preservatives for a gourmet pizza, highly digestible that you can keep in the
fridge up to 30 days and is ready whenever you want in just 5 minutes.

The orginal made in Italy pizza always fresh, always good.


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Sede legale

Via Paradigna 38/A,
43122, Parma, Italy
+39 0521 1680880

Sede produttiva

Strada Provinciale n.27
26823, Castiglione d’Adda (LO), Italy


Fiamma Scarlatta srl, Via Paradigna 38/a, 43122 Parma (PR). P.IVA 0287570342, NUMERO REA: PR - 273774.

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