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spizzi family

Federica Spizzi | Pizza Sprint
Federica Spizzi | Pizza Sprint


Safety at work

Morena Spizzi | Pizza Sprint
Alberto Spizzi | Pizza Sprint
Alberto e Morena Spizzi | Pizza Sprint


Dough Production


Francesco Spizzi | Pizza Sprint
Francesco Spizzi | Pizza Sprint


Production and Packaging

our history

We believe that every idea gives birth to a story. Spizzi and Maccaferri families want to create a high-quality pizza that you can prepare and enjoy in a few minutes, every day.



Our mission is based on the continuous search for the best raw materials, on the attention to every phase of production and on the respect towards our suppliers and employees.

  • We carefully select the best high quality ingredients

  • We guarantee a production capable to keep the goodness and the quality of the raw materials unchanged

  • We build lasting relationships with our suppliers based on mutual commitment

Pizza a domicilio parma
Pizzeria Parma Aperta oggi
Pizzerie aperte Parma
  • We use fully recyclable materials whenever possible and we constantly invest in research aimed at finding more sustainable solutions

  • We undertake to ensure that our employees can work every day in a respectful and inclusive environment

  • We believe that the human contribution is invaluable, so the machines we use are intended to support our employees, but never to replace them

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Pizza Pizzeria Parma

our Pizza

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