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Our commitment to

the environment

We love our Planet and we care to protect it, that's why we are constantly investing to find new solutions in order to reduce our environmental footprint. On the other hand, we do not like greenwashing, this is the reason why we want to make clear how Fiamma Scarlatta is working in order to improve the environmental impact.

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shopping bag:

Our shopping bags are made of recyclable paper, decorated with water colours. They are biodegradable: they can be disposed of in organic waste, after removing the cotton cord.

Zero waste:

our pizza lasts 30 days in the fridge, so you can eat it whenever you want, without any waste.


the COOKING method:


we have decided to exclude wood ovens from our manufacturing process to reduce emissions and avoid cutting down trees. That's why in our Pizza Boutique we use an electric oven to bake the pizzas.




so far our pizza is bagged in an undifferentiated material, while the supporting plate, that is inside, is realized with entirely recyclable material. The packaging is made of undifferentiated material in order to ensure the modified atmosphere, which allows the pizza to remain always fresh and good. We are currently working in order to find a pack that is equally safe but completely recyclable and we plan to reach this goal by 2022.

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